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Case Study #1

Three year old female cat presented with third-degree burns from a car muffler on the top of her head. Lacerum® Wound Cleanser and Lacerum® Finish Cream was used to treat the injury –  A cotton ball was saturated with Lacerum Wound Cleanser and “dabbed” on the wound. A thin layer of Lacerum Finish Cream was applied across  wound bed. Treatment was applied twice daily.  By Day 30, wound completely healed. No visible scar and hair growth returned to normal.

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Case Study #2

A Veterinarian had been trying to heal an eye ulcer for 3 – 4 months prior to initiating therapy with Lacerum PDGF. Not only an ulcer, the eye had ruptured prior to the Lacerum PDGF arrival.  Veterinarian saw a change in 3 days. “Granulation tissue like” growth and a “reactive” appearance was immediate. Within 2 – 3 weeks it was almost gone.  Lacerum PDGF sealed the ruptured cornea and then promoted overall healing.The ulcer and hole are completely gone (time to heal: 30 – 35 days).

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Case Study #3

Equine patient with a topical laceration . The veterinarian used the Lacerum Brand products plus bandaging techniques to heal this wound.

  • Day 1: Laceration to the hind quarter, cleaned with Lacerum Wound Spray and bandaged.
  • Day 69: Once epithelial border has formed Lacerum PDGF applied to the wound area, bandaged and cleaned frequently.
  • Day 220: Wound healed amazingly fast with no lameness or pulling at the wound site
  • Day 1: Treatment with PDGF was used in an effort to revitalize the tissue and stimulate epithelial border growth. Tendon involvement with this injury was minimal
  • Day 34: Granulation bed and scarring at skin level
  • Day 60: Very cosmetic healing to a wound which had been insulted with caustic materials. Results obtained by using Lacerum PDGF to initiate blood supply to an area notorious for being slow to heal.

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Case Study #4

A 2 year old Appaloosa Halter Horse with a 4 month old wound on the cannon. This filly was in the 10 ten as a weanling and took second place in a show with this injury, just prior to arriving at Step Ahead Farm. The injury had been sewn up initially, and had broken open, and had been treated with caustic materials in an effort to control overgrowth. The injury was 7.3 centimeters by 3.16 centimeters wide upon arrival.

  •  Day 1 Lacerum® PDGF Desiccated Powder therapy was initiated. Initial treatment protocol was clean wound with saline, applied Lacerum® PDGF Desiccated Powder according to package directions, bandage, re-evaluate in 36 hours and continue treatment until granulation bed reaches skin level.
  • Day 40 Treatment ends with Lacerum® PDGF Desiccated Powder (8 total treatments). Treatment continues with Lacerum® Wound Cleanser & Lacerum® Finish Cream twice daily - no bandaging.
  • Day 55 After two weeks continued treatment with Lacerum® Wound Cleanser & Lacerum® Finish Cream the wound closed.

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Case Study #5

Patient had a mast-cell tumor on front leg. It was treated with radiation and chemotherapy. The tumor and surrounding tissue fell out leaving a huge open wound which could not be surgically repaired. The patient also had diabetes, which contributed to the wound not healing as planned. This non-healing infected wound impacted the patient’s blood sugar so regulation of insulin was difficult. Systemic antibiotics were used for several months without success.