Animal Wound Care

Our Approach

Our Approach

  • To become the wound care solution
  • To provide a cost-effective, innovative technology designed to advance wound care healing in animals.

Our Story

Our Story

PRP Technologies animal wound care products are manufactured under strict GMP guidelines in our Fort Wayne, Indiana facility. Our manufacturing policies embrace quality and compliance from the early stages of R & D to develop the safest and most cost effective products in the world.  We are very proud to bring you a product made in the USA from our state-of-the-art facility.

Meet the Team

Our research demonstrates our Eclipse™, Lacerum® and Platelet Derived Growth Factor Desiccated Powder are the only products, aside from the animal’s own platelets, which stimulate angiogenesis and accelerate healing time and we have the studies to PROVE IT.

John Finch

Founder & CEO

John has over 18 years of animal health industry experience. He founded PRP Technologies and his work primarily involves R&D of equine derived growth factors as a soution for catastrophic wound care in animal health. John rbings pharmaceutical clinical trial experience having worked for Boehringer Ingelheim and Blue Ridge Pharmaceuticals.

Charles Worden

Research & Development

Charles has over 40 years of human and animal microbiology experience. His work in veterinary medicine includes Chief Medical Microbiologist at the Arkansas State Clinical Laboratory and Chief Microbiologist at the USDA’s Animal Research Service Laboratory in Little Rock, AK. He holds patents for several wound healing products.

Gary Stair


Gary has over 25 years of pharmaceutical management experience and has assisted with onboarding of several programs within PRP Technologies: QuadraCare (primarily Lacerum in Canada). He is actively engaged with pursuing marketing opportunities to increase awareness and sales of Eclipse and Lacerum brands.

Next Steps...

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