PRP Technologies manufactures and offers Eclipse™ Wound Care products to the retail public, direct from our manufacturing plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana (USA) for minor and second intention wound healing.


 Lacerum® Brand Wound Care products are cutting edge and a “game changer” for minor and second intention wound healing.   Lacerum® Brand Wound Care products (Veterinarian Recommended) are now available direct online.

Grooming Products

Eclipsebrand grooming products are now available to buy direct online. Eclipse™ Hoof Treatment is recommended by farriers. Eclipse™ Hoof Conditioner and Gloss is used in show arenas around the country!  Coming soon:

Eclipse™ Equine Shampoo

Eclipse™ Equine Conditioner

Eclipse™ Equine Coat Shine


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PRP TECHNOLOGIES is a biotech company offering scalable solutions with predictable quality for clinical application in advanced wound care management.

Our Eclipse™ and Lacerum® brand products are an immediate-acting, two-step wound cleanser and wound healing agent. Both products are intended for the topical management of skin abrasions, wounds, lacerations, minor irritations, cuts and lick granulomas on the skin. Our system accelerates the healing process by debriding, cleaning and advancing the healing process of the wound, cut or laceration.

Lacerum® brand, (double the strength of its sister product, Eclipse™) previously available by veterinarian prescription only, is now available for sale over the counter.  Sale of these products generate revenue to fund current research and development projects in wound healing.


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